Ten States Where Healthy Living Rules

run-750465_1280We are well into the new year, and there’s no better time to examine your commitment to get in shape. Whether you resolved to eat well and work out in 2017 or you already lead a healthy lifestyle year-round, residing in a state where healthy living is popular can help you achieve your goals. The leading states in health and wellness are scattered across the country, which means you can work on your well-being from a variety of places that you can call home.

Consider just some of the reasons why healthy living rules in the following 10 states:

  1. Hawaii: Hawaii is the top state for healthy living with its high levels of physical activity, low rates of obesity and smoking, and wide access to health care.
  2. Vermont: Vermont is ranked second for healthy living because of its low smoking and drinking rates coupled with the highest high school graduation rate in the United States and widespread health insurance coverage.
  3. Massachusetts: Massachusetts ranks third for healthy living thanks to its low smoking and obesity rates alongside its highly educated residents who make healthy choices.
  4. Connecticut: Connecticut is ranked fourth for healthy living because its residents enjoy high incomes and, as a result, improved health.
  5. Minnesota: Minnesota ranks fifth for healthy living with low rates of obesity, diabetes, and poverty as well as high levels of education and physical activity.
  6. New Hampshire: New Hampshire is ranked sixth for healthy living, as the majority of its residents are considered to be in good or excellent health, while also avoiding obesity, premature death, and life-threatening illnesses.
  7. Colorado: Colorado ranks seventh for healthy living because it residents have high rates of education and physical activity as well as enjoy the country’s lowest rates of obesity and diabetes.
  8. Utah: Utah is ranked eighth for healthy living thanks to its high reported levels of physical activity and record-low rates of smoking, drinking, and diabetes.
  9. Washington: Washington ranks ninth for healthy living because of its healthy behaviors, including exercising outside of work and eating fruits and vegetables.
  10. New Jersey: New Jersey is ranked tenth for healthy living because its residents lack unhealthy behaviors, like smoking, and have low risks for premature death.

If you want to take the next step toward getting your life on track, consider the lifestyle in these 10 states where healthy living rules. Avoiding bad habits, eating well, and focusing on fitness are excellent ways to transform your lifestyle and embrace the best version of yourself. Healthy living is possible no matter where you live, so begin making changes today and start treating your body with the care.

If you’d like to discover these and other locations across the states where healthy living is popular, please contact me for more information.

Heidi Logan is a real estate agent in Center City Philadelphia.
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