5 Design Tips for Loft Space

Your typical loft goes something like this: built-in storage, the bed located in the living room and tiny furniture to accommodate the small space. But there are ways to get the most out of your space, even if there’s not much of it. If you live in a loft, take a look at these five design tips for maximizing space while creating a stylish environment.

Complimentary Furniture 

When you live in a space where each room blends into the next, it’s important to have furniture that creates cohesiveness. You can have eclectic furniture as long as it is intentional and there is a clear style – otherwise your loft will feel like three different styles and spaces. Mid Century modern furniture is a great style that will pull your entire loft space together.

Blended Color Scheme

When you can view your entire loft in one cursory glance, having all of your colors work together is crucial. You want your loft to have colors that complement each other and are harmonious. This will make your loft feel cleaner, more chic and cohesive. One way to highlight your loft’s small size is to throw in color schemes that do not work well together.

Define Rooms

Use area rugs to define each room, but make sure that you are not using rugs that are too small for the room. Choose area rugs that are big enough so that all of the furniture fits on it. You can always place a smaller rug on top to add some softness and color. In your dining area, get a rug that is large enough to pull your chair out from the table without going outside the rug’s parameters.

Utilize Space

In lofts, closets may not be enough space for all of your stuff. You may need to build your own storage shelving, closets or cabinets from floor to ceiling. Even if building the storage is pricey, it will make your life easier while living in a loft. Utilize dual-purpose furniture pieces as well. Choose an ottoman that has storage or purchase a bed that has built-in storage underneath.

Install a Loft Bed

Maximize your vertical space by installing a loft bed. This will also give you privacy in your bedroom. Use a space saving ladder to climb in and out of your loft bed to give you even more space.

For more ideas on designing your space, contact me today.

Heidi Logan is a real estate agent in Center City Philadelphia.
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